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Updated: 5/14


Voters over 40 first need to read, then need to see on the go, then need to see that Dr. Herb Conaway is the only candidate in the race who has the experience passing progressive legislation. As a doctor, Herb knows politicians have no place in the exam room. That’s why he’ll continue to stand up to MAGA extremists and protect abortion rights in Congress. 

Herb is a former Air Force officer who served as a primary care physician before becoming the first Black Assemblyman from South Jersey. 

As chair of the Health Committee, Herb has been one of the most effective and instrumental legislators in the State Assembly and a leader in fighting to protect abortion rights. Herb has helped pass more than 300 bills into law, including enshrining the constitutional right to an abortion in New Jersey statute¹, and stood up to Chris Christie and extremist Republicans to restore funding to Planned Parenthood². 

For a more comprehensive list of Dr. Conaway's accomplishments as one of the most effective legislators in the NJ Assembly please visit: 

Conaway Policy Record Reproductive Services_Health Care.pdf

1 S49/A6260 -The Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act) from the 2020-2021 session

2 S120/A2134



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